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          Evaluation and Strategic Revitalization of
        Company Business

  • Comprehensive assessment of current business
  • Identify long and short-term strategies needed to resume aggressive growth of the company
  • Assist in the implementation of those strategies

          Merger and Acquisition Support
          For parties interested in M&A:
  • Identify companies with significant growth
    potential and that are a strategic fit with
    the acquiring company
  • Conduct and/or assist in the preliminary discussions
    related to the mutual benefit of the acquisition
    and preparation of the preliminary term sheet
  • Conduct due diligence on the company to be
    acquired and assist in closing the deal
  • Assist in the integration of the two companies
          For parties interested in being acquired:
  • Define the value of the company
  • Identification of interested parties
  • Conduct and/or assist in all activities related
    to the sale of the company

          Discovery, Development and Marketing of
        Novel Nutritional Bioactive Compounds

  • Development of a business plan for the launch and market development of the selected compound
  • Discovery, product development, clinical validation and production of the compound
  • Launching the new compound

          Start Up of Nutritional Bioactives
        Development and Marketing Companies

  • Identify financially and strategically attractive potential businesses consistent with investor objectives
  • Convey the benefits of the Vivex business concept and model as a way to maximize the chances of success in building a company with significant and sustained profits
  • Develop the business plan for the business, including the start up strategies
  • Initial operational start up of the company consistent with the business plan
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